Microsoft office excel Definition and The Basic Function

What’s The Microsoft office excel Definition

Microsoft office excel – In doing the daily work, in particular accounting, we always use MS office excel in completing it. Then, what is the sense of the office excel? Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office Excel is a program application worksheets spreadsheets that are created and distributed by Microsoft, where he was able to run on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

The application has features calculation and graphing that made Microsoft excel as one of the most popular computer program used to date. Almost all people who need a spreadsheet program Microsoft excel always choose either use windows-based PC platform or platform based macintosh-based mac OS, since the publication of the application, i.e., in 1993.

Microsoft office excel Definition and The Basic Function

MS office excel

As Microsoft office word, Microsoft excel also are part of the Microsoft office system, and the last version of MS office excel is 2013.

Microsoft office excel function

MS office excel has many functions that can be used to help our work. Among its functions the simplest is sort some data, make calculations based on a formula, to make graphs and perform calculations automatically.

To learn about Microsoft office excel, we need precision and persistence because MS office excel is different from other office programs and are among the most difficult to learn because Microsoft excel using some formulas in the process data. If we are wrong in making the formula then it will make such data to be wrong as well.

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There are 4 basic components you need to know to learn MS office excel:

  • Heeding row, a row locator of a worksheet.
  • Colum headings, i.e. a pointer location columns on a worksheet.
  • Cell pointer, a pointer to the active cell
  • The formula bar, a place where the formula will be incorporated

To learn MS office excel, please see the section “excel” category.

That’s a brief explanation regarding the understanding of Microsoft office excel and essentially functions for our daily work.

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