How to Create Header and Footer in MS Word

Create Header And Footer in Microsoft Office Word

Create Header And Footer – When you create a document in Microsoft office word, you have to know what that header and footer and how to make it.

Header in MS word is a phrase or an image located at the top on the document word, whereas the footer is a phrase or an image that is at the bottom on the document in word.

Headers and footers are usually used to insert the title of the chapter on each page making it easier for the reader to know the chapter what he read. Therefore, you must create header and footer on every page of the MS word document.

This header and footer, its nature as an automatic page number, if you are writing a sentence in the header of the page first, then the next page will automatically have the same header.

How to Create Header and Footer in MS Word

Create a Header and Footer

How to Create Header and Footer in MS Word

First, open a document in word that you would give the header and footer. In this tutorial I’m using Microsoft office 2010.

Second, after the document is open, click the menu insert Header > then select the header type you want, example here is the “annual” header.

Third, please fill in the header with the phrase that you want to insert. The header will appear on each of their pages. You can also set the header in the menu design, for example, does not display the header on the first page.

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Fourth, if you want to make the writing of his own liking, please double click the top area of one page, and then write as usual. You can also insert a picture in the header where the writing and images will automatically exist in every page in the document.

To create a footer, click the insert menu > Footer, then do such arrangements make the header above.

After the stage finished, you’ve managed to make the header and footer on each page word there automatically. That is the stage of how to create header and footer in Microsoft office word with ease. May be useful.

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