How To Create Microsoft Office Word Art

Create Microsoft Office Word Art

Microsoft Office Word Art – Word art in Microsoft office word function to create text or text with design and variations of different writings. With this tool, we can create posts with various designs that are very attractive so as to make our writing in Microsoft word worksheet nicer and cooler. In fact, it is almost the same with the word art on office word latest as well as old, however there is a slight addition form such as 3-dimensional effects or shadows.

How to make Microsoft office word art in MS word, follow these steps:

How To Create Microsoft Office Word Art

MS Office Word Art

First, Open MS office word worksheet

Second, Click the insert menu on the menu bar in Microsoft office word right side up

Third, in the text group, select menu word art

Fourth, select the type of word art in accordance with the design you want.

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Furthermore, an Edit window will appear the word art. Please type the text that will be created in word art in the art word edit window. Don’t forget to set the font type and size to produce a more attractive form of writing.

So that the result is in accordance with that we want, please edit the word art such as its size, design, colour, gradients and more.

If you want to change the format of the word art, click on the word art text, and then just choose which parts that want to change it. That’s how to create a Microsoft office word art easily. Hopefully helpful, .

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