The Step To Create Watermark In Microsoft Word 2010

Create Watermark In Microsoft Word 2010

Create watermark – The watermark is a sign created manually on a picture or video, the goal of establishing this Watermark is to protect the images we make so as not to be recognized by others.

In addition to the image, we can also create a watermark on a Microsoft word document, the goal is to create a document to be clear owners. And then, how to make it, particularly in Microsoft office word 2010?

How to make a create watermark on the back of major writings on the worksheet Microsoft word actually almost equal to create transparent with a watermark in Microsoft word, it’s just that we are not in the form of text input, but rather in the form of pictures.

For more details of how to make a transparent logo or watermark in MS word, follow these steps:

The Step To Create Watermark In Microsoft Word 2010

Create a Watermark

Open your MS word worksheet.

The next step, click the “page layout” menu on the menu bar of MS word.

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On the group page background, select “watermark” then click on “custom watermark”.

Furthermore, the popup will appear from the template that is offered to create watermark. Click “picture watermark”.

Next, we will select the image that will be inserted, way is to click the “select picture”, please select the picture that will be used as the watermark on the document you create.

After determining the picture, click “insert”.

Finally, click “ok”.

Then, automatically the images you choose will be watermark on your Microsoft word documents. That is the stage of how to create watermark in Microsoft office word 2010. Good luck,.

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