Free Online Barcode Generator Creator

Free Online Barcode Generator

Free Online Barcode Generator – You can create a barcode yourself for free on your merchandise, without using any software, the trick is to use the barcode generator service provider’s website for free. Besides creating the barcode either website, you can also create barcodes in microsoft office word 2010. Many websites that provide free services to make barcode online. Do you know how to make your own barcode code online and free?

There are many websites that provide services to make Free Online Barcode Generator or paid, including the iwinsoftbarcodegenerator, Tec-it barcode-generator, rode. kaywa, invx etc. but this time I will only recommend website barcode-generator to create a barcode for free and online.

Free Online Barcode Generator Creator

Free Barcode Generator

Why choose a barcode-generator? There are several reasons, namely:

– Free

– There are many kinds of barcodes like EAN, QR Code, Codabar, UPC-A, etc.

– No need to register or to give emails first.

– Result of code barcode can be directly stored in PNG format.

How to Make Free Online Barcode Generator

As for the steps on how to make Online Barcode Generator for free, follow these steps:

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First, go to the website of Free Online Barcode Generator. Click HERE.

Second, select the required barcode on the select a barcode. Or select the EAN.

Third, for barcode EAN only numbers are entered and up to as many as 12 digits.  Specify the size in the size, whether small, normal, large or very large.

Fourth, if the number is more than 12 and there is a warning error. And click the button Create Barcode if it is finished.

Fifth, the results of the corresponding barcode data you entered is already so.

Sixth, to save it, click the right side of the barcode and click save as

Then the storage window will appear. As for the name of the file will be in accordance with the data you entered.

So the tutorial how to make Free Online Barcode Generator your own free without software.

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