How To Write The PI Symbol On Microsoft Word

Write The PI Symbol On Microsoft Word

PI symbol in Microsoft office word is usually used to write mathematical formulas on a worksheet of MS word. Mathematical formulas that use this symbol is usually a wide circle formula, the circumference of a circle, the volume of circle and others.

Many people feel confused how to write the symbol on Microsoft word worksheets, but if we already understand it and understand it, we could work easily with the help of Microsoft word to write the PI symbol or other mathematical formulas.

In fact, this symbol can be written in ms word worksheets, namely by means of click insert symbol then search the symbol pi that we seek. But look for symbols that we need is sometimes require quite a long time because we have to find one by one the desired symbol. Here I will share the easiest way of writing the PI symbol on MS word worksheets.

How To Write The PI Symbol On Microsoft Word

Symbol of PI On Microsoft Word

Open MS office word on your computer, click the file menu and choose Word options.

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Next, select the Proofing menu and in the right pane select the AutoCorrect Option.

Then the AutoCorrect window will appear

In this window, select the Math AutoCorrect

Next, check the menu Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions when Math AutoCorrect and Autocorrect rules conflict, AutoCorrect rules will be used.

Next click OK.

After you enable these settings, if you want to write the pi symbol on a worksheet of MS word, then all you do is just write the command “\pi” without the quotation marks and then press Enter.

That way, you will easily write the PI symbol worksheet on MS word. You can also write other symbols by using these commands as it is on the list of symbols.

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