How To Insert Picture In Word Document

Insert Picture In Word Document

Insert Picture -One of the features found in Microsoft word is a picture feature. This feature serves to place an image in the document that is being created. The image is part of a document that serves to complete a document. With the pictures, we can describe a data visually. Therefore, the image is one of the essential elements in the document. This step is similar to the way insert screenshot in MS word.

Insert picture on a worksheet Microsoft office word is not difficult because we just need a few clicks to put a picture on a worksheet. There are two ways that can be done to put the picture on the worksheet, that is a quick way to do a copy then paste the pictures on the worksheet that you want. Or you can also use the picture which is already available in Microsoft office word.

How To Insert Picture In Word Document

Insert a Picture

To insert picture on a worksheet by using the picture feature, please follow these steps:

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1. Open the worksheet of your Microsoft office word.

2. Next, click “insert” on the menu bar of Microsoft word.

3. In group “illustrations”, where there is a choice of picture, clip art, shapes, smart art and charts. Select a picture to insert pictures.

4. Next, you will be taken on the drive the folder where it is the place to save the picture that you want to insert. Locate the folder where your pictures are located, and then click on the image to select it.

5. Next click the “insert” menu at the bottom.

6. Finish

That’s the simple steps to insert picture in a Microsoft word document.

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