Insert Superscript and Subscript In Microsoft Word Made Simple

Insert Superscript In Microsoft Office Word

Insert superscript – Superscript is a tool included in Microsoft office word, it serves to give effect to the font that is above from previous writings. This tool is typically used to make a number of ranks, degrees, and certain formulas on a mathematics problem. Superscript is very important for teachers, accountants, architecture, the entrepreneur and employees.

Problem in mathematics lessons usually reserved or writing with numbers ranked, if we want to write down a formula with a value of 2 numbers, then the number 2 is going to be smaller and are written above the letter before. To make the rank, we need to use superscript tool.

How do we insert superscript on the worksheet Microsoft office word? to make the effek rank or be superscript font please follow these steps:

Insert Superscript and Subscript In Microsoft Word Made Simple

Superscript and Subscript

Open the worksheet of your Microsoft word.

Create a document on the worksheet according to the needs of each, after the document is completed, it is time to insert superscript in Microsoft word worksheets.

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Blocks of numbers or letters you want to make the superscript Right click on the blocked section, then select “fonts”. It will pop up a window font.

On the menu effects, select the superscript.

Finally, click “ok”.

If you want to create a font effect that is under or is equivalent to the previous letter, do the steps above, and then in the font window choose “subscript”.

That’s the steps to insert superscript and subscript in Microsoft Made Simple. Good luck,.

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