How To Make Barcode In Word 2010, 2013

How To Make Barcode In Word

Make Barcodes In Word – Barcode is a code used to identify an item, which in such a barcode contains information about the item such as the price of goods, quantities and item code. The use of barcode on goods will make it easier for us to identify goods so we knew immediately the price and item code.

The barcode is read usually use a barcode reader that is already connected to our computer so that when the barcode reader to read it then your computer will automatically display information of the item.

The barcode is widely used by employers or self-service store to identify the wares, so when the buyer will buy merchandise then the cashier just need to transport the goods on the barcode reader. Therefore, knowing how to make barcode in word is very important for entrepreneurs.

How To Make Barcode In Word

Make Barcode In Office Word 2010

The barcode is usually created using certain software, but Microsoft office 2010 has provided a service to create the barcode. To make barcode in word, follow these steps:

  1. Open MS word 2010, and then on the menu bar select insert menu
  2. Next on the group menu, choose Object
  3. It will pop up a window Object, activate the Create New tab then select Corel BARCODE X 6 next click OK
  4. Then the barcode wizard window will appear, select the barcode format you want then enter the code in the box provided and then click next.
  5. On the next window, set the height and width of the barcode as well as the desired resolution. If you have already click next.
  6. Set the font and click finish.
  7. Barcode is ready to use
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Corel BARCODE service X 6 is only available in office 2010 or up date. Hopefully this article can be useful. That is the stage of how to make barcode in word, especially microsoft office word 2010.

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