Microsoft Office Word and Its Function

Microsoft Office Word and Function to Our Work

Microsoft office word is a data processing application that is most widely used by people in the world today. This application is widely used in offices, schools, universities, companies, factories and others. With the help of MS office word, a job to process data is becoming increasingly easy. Therefore, MS office word is very important to support our work.

Microsoft office word is one of the applications developed by Microsoft, where he was one of the Microsoft office package that contains Microsoft word, Microsoft excel, Microsoft power point, Microsoft office publisher Microsoft office access and others. Of the package Microsoft office, MS office word is the most widely used applications in addition to PowerPoint and excel.

Microsoft Office Word and Function to Our Work

MS Office Word and Its Function

In the process, Microsoft word experience a lot of developments ranging from Microsoft word 1998, Microsoft word 2003, Microsoft word 2007, Microsoft word 2010 and Microsoft word the last is 2013.

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Microsoft office Word function

The main function of MS office word is as processing data in the form of writing, so all the work related to the processing of data can be done with this app as it makes the letter, create table, create posts with different variations (word Art), enters the picture, and create documents, papers, journals, making proposals and other Office work.

Of the many functions of microsoft office word that we can use, this application is the device that should be there and we have to help and make it easier for all our work.

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