How To Create And Save A Microsoft Word Document

Create And Save A Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word Document – In previous writings, has explained what is the Microsoft office word, on the deliberations of this time we will begin to learn how to create a file or a document on the application of MS office word, and then how to save it. To find out both ways, please refer to the following explanation.

Create a Microsoft word document

The first thing you need to know is how to create a Microsoft word document. To create documents in MS office word can be done in the following ways:

How To Create And Save A Microsoft Word Document

MS Word Document

First, run the Microsoft office word application is already installed on your computer, if the application is not installed then all you have to do is install it first.

Second, run the MS office word application installed with the click of a button the star > > all programs Microsoft Office > > > > Microsoft Word. In this example we use Microsoft office 2010. You can also use the MS word program shortcuts on the desktop of your computer.

Third, after the second stage, it will open a blank worksheet in MS office word.

Fourth, now you can just create a document or writing your work on MS word worksheets. Please use the help tool-tool that exists in MS word that makes it easy to create a document.

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Save a Microsoft Word Document

If you have completed your work on a worksheet such Microsoft word, then the next step is to save a Microsoft word document from your work into softcopy on your computer storage media (hard disk). To save these documents, please follow these steps:

Create MS Office Word Document

Click the file menu in the top left corner

Next, choose save or save as. Both have the same function, the Save function to save the files and replace files that have been opened, while the Save As function to save the file with a new file name.

In the file name column, replace it with the appropriate documents with the name that you want for example tasks, journal and others.

Save the Microsoft word document on drive D or E so that if your windows computer reinstalled then file the document cannot be deleted.

Finally, click the save button at the bottom.

That is the stage of how to create and save Microsoft Word document easily.

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