How to Organization Chart Tools Word 2010

Organization Chart Tools Word 2010

Chart Tools – In the previous post, we have to know how to create graphics in Microsoft word 2010. This time, we will know how did settings “chart tools” on the charts document.

The next step we give a caption to explain the parts of the chart tools graph.

Settings Chart Tools In Graphics Word Document

Settings Graph Tools

Organization of chart tools in graphics

1. Turn on the graph, click on the charts to be given a description.

2. Click the tab of the ribbon menu “Layout” in the group “Labels”.

3. To give titles on a chart, click the “Chart Title”, choose “Centered Overlay Title”.

4. To give information on the horizontal axis (the “x-axis”), click the icon “Axis Title”, choose “Primary Horizontal Axis Title”, click “Title below Axis”.

5. To give information on the vertical axis (“y-axis”), click the icon “Axis Titles”, select “Primary Vertical Axis Title”, click “Rotated Title.”

6. To set the appearance of the chart, click the “Legend”, select “Show Legend at Right”.

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7. To place the data label on the chart, click the “Data Labels”, select “End” Outside.

8. To place the table data on the graph, click the “Data Table”, select the “Show Table Data”.

9. To set the description on the “axis of X” and “Y axis” is displayed or not, click the “Axes”, select “Primary Horizontal Axes” or “Primary Vertical Axes”.

10. To set the line scale maid on “the X” and “Y axis” click the “Gridlines”, select “Primary Horizontal Gridlines” or “Primary Vertical Gridlines”.

That’s the organization chart tools on a graph of a Microsoft word document.

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