3 Practical Ways To Open Ms Word

3 Practical Ways To Open Ms Word

Practical Ways To Open Ms Word – This time we will learn how to start MS Word. To open MS Word there are various ways, including the following.

3 Practical Ways To Open Ms Word

Practical Ways To Open Ms Word

1.Click the start button menu choose Select All Programs and then select MS Office MS Word (4 steps). This way the most common and most often used. This is the first Practical Ways To Open Ms Word

2.Making MS Word Pin in the taskbar or Start menu

How to open MS word like it was when first going for quite a while, but after that you can start MS word very quickly. The trick is :

Click the star select all programs then search MS Office MS Word.

Right-click the selection will appear and pin to pin to the start menu and taskbar. Please select one.

PIN to Start Menu

Pin to taskbar option will automatically display the MS Word program icon in the star of the menu. You no longer need to use the first step start–all programs–> > p. Office–> Ms. Word. You just click start and then click Microsoft word icon in the start menu (only 2 steps)

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Pin To Taskbar

This means that by selecting the Create icon on your taskbar program to start MS Word. Simply click once on the icon. It’s faster (1 step)

3.Create a Shortcut on your Desktop Word

This way will produce only one step to start this program. The trick is

Open the Explorer–> Program Files–Microsoft Office–> > Office

Search File type WINWORD application and file size of about 340 KB

Right click and then select send to desktop (create shortcut)

Double click on the shortcut (1 step)

After that, you will have a shortcut to open a MS word document on your desktop that you can easily double click. That’s 3 Practical Ways To Open Ms Word, may be useful.

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