How to Print Microsoft Word Document Easily

Print Microsoft Word Document Easily

Print Microsoft Word Document – Print a document in Microsoft word worksheet is very easy to do, but it will be difficult and confusing to do for computer users who are new to. But if we already have their knowledge then all will feel easy, we just did a few steps to print the MS word document into a sheet of paper that already provided.

The Print Microsoft Word Document aims to create an archive in the form of hard copy so that if a computer error, then we still have a printout of our work.

Before you print the document, you have to do is install the printer drivers on your computer. Next to print a document in Microsoft word, follow these steps:

How to Print Microsoft Word Document Easily

Print a Microsoft Word Document

First, open the MS word worksheet that will be printed.

Second, click on the office button on the top left corner of the section so that it will appear a popup menu, then choose a pint. For way more quickly, press CTRL + P simultaneously to print a document.

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Third, the print window will appear on the spreadsheet MS word. This window will have some options and settings that must be done before printing the document.

Before Print Microsoft Word Document, set the paper size on the first worksheet of your MS word. Don’t forget to adjust the settings of the paper (page layout) with the paper you use.

If all the settings are in accordance with the requirements, the last step is to click the button “ok”.

The steps above you can use for different versions of Microsoft office word like 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

That’s the steps to print Microsoft Word Document easily. May be useful, .

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