How to Print Selected Text In Word 2010

Stages to Print Selected Text In Word 2010

Print Selected Text – Print a document is the last stage that you do in making a task, be it school or Office. The printed document is typically used for reports, in addition to the archives for the Secretary. However, sometimes we just need some paragraphs only for printing, not all of the data on the document to be printed. Then, how do I print a portion of a paragraph selected on the MS word document?

If you have a long document and you want to print selected text of a paragraph from that page, you can use the option ‘ Print Selection ‘. It’s easy, please follow the following stages:

How to Print Selected Text In Word 2010

Print Selected paragraph

1. Open the document that you have created, and did the block on the paragraph that you want to print.

2. Next, press Ctrl + P simultaneously, you will find the option ‘ Print Selection ‘ in the page range. Make sure the option is selected before you start printing your document.

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You need to know that when you print selected text from a document that has a header or footer, header and footer then would not print. Another one, the printing position will always start at the top of the paper, even if you select the text that is in the middle of a document that you have.

The technique of printing some data like the above is usually done when you only need the report suddenly so printed only in part. That’s the way to print selected text in Microsoft word 2010. Good luck

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